18650 li-ion battery pack 14.8V 2600mAh

Item : Li-ion battery 4S1P
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 3000mAh, 2600mAh,2200mAh,2000mAh,1800mAh
PCM: yes
Safety protection: yes
Connector: As requirements
Dimensions: 19*74*68mm(max)

We supply battery pack voltage & capacity as customer’s requirements.

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Li-ion Battery Pack Specification

Product name:  18650 li-ion Rechargeable battery

Product Item: 18650 14.8V 2600mAh li-ion battery pack

1. Normal Specialties

NO Item Common Idex Note


Nominal Capacity Typical Capacity 2600mAh Standard Charged discharge at

0.2C5A,Repeat 5 times get average .

Minimum Capacity 2600mAh
2 Typical Voltage 14.8V Work Voltage
Charge cut-off voltage 16.8V
3 Discharge

Cut-off Voltage

11.4V Discharge Cut-off Voltage
4 Max. Charge


16.8V Charge Max Limited Voltage









At Semi-state,use AC measured the IR (Less than a week after using the ship and cycle times of less than five times the new battery measurement )



Typical Charge

Continue Current:0.2C5A Continue Voltage:4.20V

Cut-off Current:0.02C5A


Charge Time: About 5hours

7 Typical


Continue Current:0.2C5A Cut-off Voltage:3.0V
8 Way of Charge CC/CV
9 Max .Charge


2600mA Advice charge current:0.2C~0.5C









Range of Temperature Operating Charging Temperature 0 ~ +45℃
Storage Humidity 60±25%RH
Operating Discharge Temperature -10 ~ +60℃


Fast Charge Continue Current:1C5A Continue Voltage:4.20V

Cut-off Current:0.02C5A


Charge Time: About 2.5 hours

14 Fast Discharge Continue Current:1C5A Cut-off Voltage:3.0V
15 Max.Continue

Charge Current




Discharge Current







PCM safety protection

*Over charge protection *Over discharge protection *Over voltage protection *Under voltage protection *Over current protection

*Short circuit protection



Storage Temperature


Discharge :-10 ~ +60℃

( Less than one year:-20 ~ +25℃ ; Less than 3 months :-20 ~ +40℃)

At goods delivery situation, Humidity scope: 60±25%RH
20 Weight Appropriate:2g ±0.5g
21 Dimensions 19*74*68mm T*W*H mm


Battery doesn’t affect the commercial value of its shortcomings,such as: mechanical damage,deformation,discoloration. No such surface:leakage,stains,rust,leakage and other defects affecting goods marke value.


3.1 Standard Test Conditions

If not specified, the test shall be 25%-85% of the environment ,carried out at 20±5℃humidity ,the humidity is too much will effect on the accuracy of test results, the test must be used for no more than a new battery after shipment from our factory,and the cells not be cycled more than 5 times before the test .

3.2 Measuring Instrument or Apparatus

  • Dimension Measuring Instrument. Accuracy of 0.01mm caliper range is0-200mm
  • Voltmeter and

Voltmeter accuracy of ±5mV, range is 0-20V; Ammeter accuracy of present current ±(0.3%±30mA)

3.3 Nominal Charged Test Conditions

At20±5℃,the testing process that standards as follows: first 0.5 C5A constant battery charge to 4.20V,when the charge current decreases, then charged to 4.20V constant currect is reduced to 0.02C5A,the charging time is about 3 hours.

3.4 Nominal Discharged Test Conditions

At20±5℃,battery constant discharge to 3.0V,Unless otherwise defined, 30min, rest period after charge,30min,rest period after discharge.

3.5 Battery Performance Test

No Item Standard Test Conditions Test Ways


Leakage Test  

No leakage

Typical full charged new battery Standard charge condition,full charge

after 60±5℃temperature, humidity 60±10%RH storage one month.





Vibration Test





Discharge Temperature
















Drop Test



     23℃ Discharge


After standard charge, the battery is to be tested as following conditions: Amplitude:1.6mm Frequency:10~55Hz(sweep:1Hz/min) Direction: X/Y/Z axis for 30min. The battery is to be tested in three mutually perpendicular to each axis.
95% 45℃



2C Dicharge

No electrolyte

leakage, smoke

Typical full charged

new battery

No electrolyte leakage, smoke or explosion  

Typical full charged new battery

Drop the battery in the shipment condition(full- charge)from 1m height onto thicker concrete with p-tile on it 2

times each of obverse.



Squeeze Test No electrolyte leakage, smoke Typical full charged new battery Battery placed between two flat metal plate ,applied 13KN ( 1.72Mpa )

force,and continued for 30 min.








Short-Circuit Test

No explosion,no fire.The temperature of the exterior cell casing shall not exceed 150℃  



Typical full charged new battery

At normal temperature about 25±5℃, After standard charge, the  battery is to be short-circuited by  connecting  the positive and negative terminals of the battery with copper wire having a maximum

Resistance load  of <10mΩ.







Impact Test



No fire, no explosion



Typical full charged new battery

The battery to be fully charged with standard charging condition, and put a rod with diameter 56mm on the cell, and then heavy block (weight 10Kg) crash on the cell from a certain




Over-disch arge Test No fire, no explosion Typical full charged new battery The fully discharged cell is continually

discharged for 2.5hours with 1 C5A current.






Prick Test


No fire, no explosion


Typical full charged new battery

The full charged battery with a needle φ3mm at speed 10-40mm/s from perpendicular to the battery plates

through (needle stays in the battery)

4.Warning !!!

4.1 Battery usage should notice follow warnings:

* Do not directly heated or thrown in fire.

* Do not store at environment of high tep (over 60℃)

* Do not directly short circuit battery

* Do not with the acid corrosion of battery.

* Do not thrown water or swallow in other Liquid , do not store in humidity environment .

* Do not beat and impact battery.

* Prohibit changing the batteries and battery internal anatomical  structures.

* Prohibit usage a damaged battery

* Prohibit the battery immersed in liquid which like water,sea water and non-alcoholic drinks, juice ,coffee or other beverages.

4.2  Charging Notice

* Charge temperature at 0℃~+45℃

* Do not charge battery at the contrary direction.

* Charging method is to charge the battery must not directly prohibit the use of the alternating current to charge the battery.

* Use specified charger and according to our company manual to use the proper ways to use our   products while charging.

4.3 Discharging Notice

* Discharge temperature at 0℃~+60℃.

* Discharge set Min.Discharge voltage not less than 3.0V.

* Discharge current do not over specification ruled Max current.

4.4 Storge Notice

* After a long time of storage batteries to pre-cycle 3 times

* Store in a dry and lower temperature environment.

* Storage long time no over 30% of the battery.


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