Model No.: FC500PX

*Rated power:500W
*Output waveform:Sine wave
*Effective output: ≥85%
*AC output port:2pcs 110V/220V(customized)
*DC input:25.2V 7A
*DC output port 1: 12V 8A
*DC output port 2: 24V 5A
*Dual USB output:2pcs 5V 2.1A
*With BMS/safety function
*Product size: 330*275*160mm

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1-.Widly use for indoor home appliances, ourdoor portable electrinic products, 3C products chargeing, emergency first aid .

2-.A grade 18650 high discharge battery cells.

3-.2pcs AC output ports,sine wave ,nominal power 300W,peak power 600W.

4-.LED power indicator ,1pc AC output indicator(green), 1pc malfunction indicator(red).

5-.2 charge methods:  DC & solar charging.

6-.Buttons: switch & light at same button, short press for DC output; press 3 seconds for light. 1pc AC switch .

7-.Attention: if there’s no load on AC port , please close AC function.

8-.The device with BMS/safety protection functions: protection when over load, over charge, over discharge, under voltage ,over voltage,over current, over temperature,short circuit.


Outdoor use: for drving, camping lights ,photography ,BBQ,electric ,speaker…

Home appliance:  use when power outage, for fun,TV,laptop, rice cooker, cooffer machine…etc

Emergency Rescue: supply power for natural hazard,like first aid at earthquake ,tsunami, fire…

Outdoor working: supply power for power tools, like electric drill, portable monitor ,exploration machine…

Car products: like car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, car cig lighter…

Emergency communications: supply power for communication machines at outdoor .

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